Orient Express to Bucuresti

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Travelling the Orient Express

   Land / Country
Österreich / Austria
   Ort / City
Wien /  Vienna
   Gebäude / Building
Hauptbahnhof / Central Train Station
   Gleis / Platform
   Abfahrt / Departure
   Bestimmung / Destination
   Jahr / Year

1989, Central Train Station, Vienna, Austria

‘New shit on the block’

Step by step…

The former ‘CircusGrounds’ are rapidly changing.
Gone the view over the dogs-owned meadow.
The sun is hidden behind new walls, and thus the streets have darkened.
More concrete, more houses, more people will show up here soon.
‘New shit on the block’.

30th March 2017, Hatert, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Trabant Sport Edition

Trabant SPORT Bucuresti 1989-2sm-INS

Almost every car you would see on the streets in the countries behind the iron curtain back in the eighties were from the brands Lada or Trabant. In 1989 the wall in Berlin had just fallen and borders became easier to cross. To give a personal touch and make a difference to your Trabant, people had for example an additional antenna mounted or maybe were fortunate enough to own the ‘Sport’ edition.

Or… at least they had this sticker on the back window.

August 1989, Budapest, Hungary.