Plaça Reial


Sunny day in King Ferdinand VII Squares’ shadow…

16th September 2016, Plaça Reial, Barcelona, Spain.


Monasterio’s View


While in Spain last summer we left Barcelona behind after the first couple of days and  travelled into the country towards Montserrat. Famous for the Monastery up the hill just outside of the small village. Stayed here for the night and thus was able to enjoy the little streets and countryside of the area instead of doing a quick oneday-trip from Barcelona.

I am not really a devoted religious person (when asked I call myself jokingly a Burgundian-Catholic) and I guess most visitors, who come over from all parts of the world, are neither. But I think anyone will admire the beautiful view of this catalonian area, the monastery grounds  and the inside of the Basilica de Santa Maria de Montserrat.

22nd September 2016, Montserrat, Spain.

Lunch and then…


Why it seemed that the little village had died out? It was late in the afternoon and we just enjoyed a really good spanish lunch in one of the small restaurants of Calig, called ‘Casa Arayo’. If ever we are in the neighborhood again we will definitely try to visit this local place for a fantastic meal once more. And I would like to recommend to drive up here for you as well.
Afterwards we went out for a stroll through the tiny streets which I found were remarkably quiet and almost desolate at first. After walking for about half an hour,  the heath of mid-day became too hot, so we decided to get back to our car and enjoy the airco. We headed home to get us some rest on the veranda, or even better, inside the house, hidden from the sun. Because that’s what everybody had chosen to do when they finished lunch.


19th september 2016, Calig, Spain.

Calig Roadworks


As we had to STOP while on the road in Spain somewhere between Barcelona and Valencia near the small village ‘Calig’ we had a moment to enjoy the beautiful view ahead of us. So actually I own this picture thanks to the ‘Calig Roadworks’. The dust in front was slowly working it’s way up in the summer’s heath.

19th september 2016, Calig, Spain.